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March 12, 2009: Michigan 73, Iowa 45 (3rd Meeting)
Big Ten Tournament, 1st Round - Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
Manny Harris (3)Zack Gibson (32), Zack Novak (0), and Manny Harris (3)C.J. Lee (2)Manny Harris (3)DeShawn Sims (34)Zack Gibson (32) and Manny Harris (3)John BeileinManny Harris (3) and DeShawn Sims (34)DeShawn Sims (34)Manny Harris (3)DeShawn Sims (34)Manny Harris (3) and Zack Novak (0)Manny Harris (3)Jevohn Shepherd (22) and C.J. Lee (2)Manny Harris (3)DeShawn Sims (34)DeShawn Sims (34)Zack Novak (0) and DeShawn Sims (34)DeShawn Sims (34) and Anthony Wright (12)John Beilein, Jerry Dunn, and Mike Jackson