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October 9, 2004: Michigan 27 Minnesota 24
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Michael Hart (20), David Baas (75), and Kevin Dudley (32)Michael Hart (20), Tyler Ecker (89), and Braylon Edwards (1)Tim Massaquoi (88)Michael Hart (20), Tim Massaquoi (88), and Chad Henne (7)Michael Hart (20) and Chad Henne (7)Scott McClintock (36) and Ryan Mundy (21)Leon Hall (29)Leon Hall (29)Braylon Edwards (1) and Rueben Riley (72)Braylon Edwards (1)Chad Henne (7) and Adam Stenavich (79)Adrian Arrington (16)Lawrence Reid (42)Michael Hart (20) and Kevin Dudley (32)Tyler Ecker (89)Chad Henne (7)Ryan Mundy (21)Braylon Edwards (1) and Tyler Ecker (89)Shawn Crable (2), Alex Ofili (93), Lloyd Carr, and  Jeremy Van Alstyne (50)Leon Hall (29)