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October 2, 2004: Michigan 35 Indiana 14
Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN
Jermaine Gonzales (18)Braylon Edwards (1) and Leo Henige (65)Braylon Edwards (1)Braylon Edwards (1) and David Baas (75)Tyler Ecker (89)Michael Hart (20)Jermaine Gonzales (18)Braylon Edwards (1)Michael Hart (20)Braylon Edwards (1)Scott McClintock (36) and Gabe Watson (78)Chad Henne (7)Grant Mason (13)Ernest Shazor (25) and Ryan Mundy (21)Michael Hart (20)Scott McClintock (36) and Pierre Woods (99)Jermaine Gonzales (18)Jermaine Gonzales (18), Matt Lentz (67), Tim Massaquoi (88), Michael Hart (20), and Jason Avant (8)Michael Hart (20)Braylon Edwards (1)