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January 12, 2021: Michigan 77 Wisconsin 54
Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, MI
Juwan HowardFranz Wagner (21)Isaiah Livers (2) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Franz Wagner (21)Mike Smith (12) and Isaiah Livers (2)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15)Eli Brooks (55) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Eli Brooks (55)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15)Mike Smith (12) and Franz Wagner (21)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Mike Smith (12)Hunter Dickinson (1)Austin Davis (51)Brandon Johns Jr. (23) and Eli Brooks (55)Eli Brooks (55)Mike Smith (12)Juwan Howard, Saddi Washington, and Howard EisleyFranz Wagner (21)Eli Brooks (55)Franz Wagner (21)