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November 14, 2009: Michigan 97, Northern Michigan 50
Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
DeShawn Sims (34)DeShawn Sims (34)Manny Harris (3)Laval Lucas-Perry (31) and Zack Novak (0)Darius Morris (4) and Zack Novak (0)Laval Lucas-Perry (31) and Darius Morris (4)Zack Novak (0)DeShawn Sims (34)Manny Harris (3)John Beilein and Dean EllisMichigan FansMatt Vogrich (13)Zack Novak (0)DeShawn Sims (34)Darius Morris (4)Manny Harris (3)Eso Akunne (5)Darius Morris (4) and Manny Harris (3)Manny Harris (3)DeShawn Sims (34)