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September 25, 2010: Michigan 65, Bowling Green 21
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Seth Broekhuizen (46), Doug Rogan (30), and Mark Moundros (44)Rasheed Furrha (36) and Kenny Demens (25)Darryl Stonum (22) and Denard Robinson (16)Denard Robinson (16)Michael Shaw (20) and Rich RodriguezFitzgerald Toussaint (28)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Jeremy Gallon (10)Jeremy Gallon (10)Ricky Barnum (56), Mark Huyge (72), Devin Gardner (7), and Je'Ron Stokes (6)Devin Gardner (7)Tate Forcier (5)Stephen Schilling (52) and Vincent Smith (2)Junior Hemingway (21) and Vincent Smith (2)Patrick Omameh (65) and Vincent Smith (2)Vincent Smith (2) and Tate Forcier (5)Vincent Smith (2), David Molk (50), and Tate Forcier (5)Tate Forcier (5)Junior Hemingway (21)Junior Hemingway (21)