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October 1, 2005: Michigan 34 Michigan State 31
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
Jason Avant (8) and Chad Henne (7)Chad Henne (7)Mario Manningham (86)Jason Avant (8)Chad Henne (7) and Rueben Riley (72)Alan Branch (80)Tyler Ecker (89) and Adam Stenavich (79)Brandent Englemon (31)Pierre Woods (99) and David Harris (45)Tim Jamison (90) and David Harris (45)Michael Hart (20) and Rueben Riley (72)Michael Hart (20)Michael Hart (20) and Tyler Ecker (89)Michael Hart (20), Chad Henne (7), Tim Massaquoi (88), and Tyler Ecker (89)Jason Forcier (19), Doug Dutch (81), and David Schoonover (69)Mario Manningham (86), Will Johnson (97), John Thompson (49), and Brandon Harrison (27)David Schoonover (69), Ross Ryan (3), Mike Carl (26), and Sean Griffin (71)Jason Avant (8)Michael Hart (20)Mario Manningham (86) and Tyler Ecker (89)