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September 13, 1997: Michigan 27 Colorado 3
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Brian Griese (14), Chris Floyd (7), and Jon Jansen (77)Chris Floyd (7) and Jon Jansen (77)Charles Woodson (2) and Marcus Ray (29)James Hall (56)James Hall (56)Chris Howard (8), Jeff Backus (79), and Tai Streets (86)Chris Howard (8), Jerame Tuman (80), and Steve Hutchinson (76)Dhani Jones (55)Jerame Tuman (80)Eric Mayes (26)Brian Griese (14)Clint Copenhaver (43)Jerame Tuman (80)Clarence Williams (33) and Mark Campbell (88)Chris Howard (8) and Tai Streets (86)Andre Weathers (30)Chris Howard (8)Clarence Williams (33), Chris Floyd (7), and Chris Ziemann (52)Jerame Tuman (80)Brian Griese (14)