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October 31, 2009: Michigan 13, Illinois 38
Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL
Kevin Koger (86) and Tate Forcier (5)Michael Shaw (20), Fred Jackson, Tate Forcier (5), and Rich RodriguezMike Martin (68) and Denard Robinson (16)Roy Roundtree (12) and Kevin Koger (86)Brandon Smith (4) and Mike Jones (27)Michael Williams (40) and Brandon Graham (55)Tate Forcier (5)Roy Roundtree (12)Tate Forcier (5)Tate Forcier (5)Will Heininger (39), Jason Olesnavage (92), and Stephen Schilling (52)Rich RodriguezBrandon Graham (55)Junior Hemingway (21)Carlos Brown (23)Carlos Brown (23)Kevin Leach (10) and Mike Martin (68)Mike Jones (27)Carlos Brown (23)Carlos Brown (23)