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November 27, 2010: Michigan 7, Ohio State 37
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH
Jeremy Jackson (17)Roy Roundtree (12)Greg Robinson and Will Heininger (39)Drew Dileo (26)Tate Forcier (5)Denard Robinson (16)Denard Robinson (16)Denard Robinson (16)David Molk (50) and Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Darryl Stonum (22)Denard Robinson (16)Jibreel Black (55) and Rich RodriguezRich Rodriguez and Jim TresselMike Martin (68) and Michael Shaw (20)Darryl Stonum (22)Cameron Gordon (4) and Greg Banks (92)Michael Shaw (20) and Darryl Stonum (22)Michael Shaw (20) and Darryl Stonum (22)Jim TresselRich Rodriguez