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November 24, 2014: Michigan 70 Oregon 67
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY
Zak Irvin (21)Ricky Doyle (32)Oregon Head Coach Dana AltmanJohn BeileinZak Irvin (21) and Ricky Doyle (32)Mark Donnal (34)Caris LeVert (23)Caris LeVert (23)Ricky Doyle (32)Mark Donnal (34)Kameron Chatman (3)Spike Albrecht (2)Caris LeVert (23) and Ricky Doyle (32)Ricky Doyle (32)Caris LeVert (23)Kameron Chatman (3)Ricky Doyle (32) and Caris LeVert (23)Mark Donnal (34)Michigan TeamCaris LeVert (23)