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November 13, 2012: Michigan 77 Cleveland State 47
Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, MI
Cleveland State Head Coach Gary Waters, John Beilein, and Bacari AlexanderGlenn Robinson III (1)Cleveland State Head Coach Gary WatersTim Hardaway Jr. (10)Tim Hardaway Jr. (10)Trey Burke (3)Tim Hardaway Jr. (10)Matt Vogrich (13)Tim Hardaway Jr. (10) and Matt Vogrich (13)Trey Burke (3)Nik Stauskas (11)Mitch McGary (4) and Trey Burke (3)Tim Hardaway Jr. (10)Bacari Alexander, Jeff Meyer, and John BeileinTrey Burke (3)Tim Hardaway Jr. (10)Glenn Robinson III (1)Glenn Robinson III (1)Glenn Robinson III (1)Trey Burke (3), Blake McLimans (22), and Jon Horford (15)