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November 23, 2022: Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, MI, Michigan 78 Jackson State 68
Jaelin Llewellyn (3), Kobe Bufkin (2), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Jett Howard (13)Tarris Reed Jr. (32) and Youssef Khayat (24)Jaelin Llewellyn (3)Kobe Bufkin (2) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Terrance Williams II (5)Hunter Dickinson (1)Mo Williams Jackson State Head CoachJuwan HowardJett Howard (13)Jaelin Llewellyn (3)Terrance Williams II (5)Tarris Reed Jr. (32)Jett Howard (13)Terrance Williams II (5) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Terrance Williams II (5)Jett Howard (13) and Mo Williams Jackson State Head CoachTarris Reed Jr. (32), Jace Howard (25), and Youssef Khayat (24)Jaelin Llewellyn (3), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Kobe Bufkin (2)Jace Howard (25)Kobe Bufkin (2)