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September 15, 2007: Michigan 38, Notre Dame 0
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Michael HartDonovan Warren and Brandon HarrisonDonovan WarrenDonovan WarrenDonovan Warren and Jamar AdamsCharlie WeisStevie BrownWill JohnsonShawn Crable, Tim Jamison, and Will JohnsonBrandon Graham, Terrance Taylor, and Adam PattersonShawn Crable and John ThompsonMichael Hart, Jake Long, and Mike MasseyRon EnglishBrandon GrahamBrandon HarrisonBrandon Harrison, Donovan Warren, Brandent Englemon, and Jamar AdamsMichael Hart and Adam KrausMichael HartMichael Hart, Jake Long, and Stephen SchillingMichael Hart and Alex Mitchell