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October 16, 2010: Michigan 28, Iowa 38
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Michigan TeamVincent Smith (2)Kirk FerentzAdam Patterson (99), Junior Hemingway (21), Rich Rodriguez, William Campbell (73), Jordan Kovacs (32), Erik Gunderson (90), Kevin Koger (86), and Tony Anderson (17)Stephen Hopkins (33)Courtney Avery (5)Jonas Mouton (8)Tate Forcier (5)Jonas Mouton (8), Ryan Van Bergen (53), and Jordan Kovacs (32)Junior Hemingway (21) and Tate Forcier (5)Vincent Smith (2) and Kelvin Grady (19)Jordan Kovacs (32)Ryan Van Bergen (53), Greg Banks (92), and Jordan Kovacs (32)Greg Banks (92)Tate Forcier (5)Taylor Lewan (77) and Darryl Stonum (22)Stephen Hopkins (33) and Je'Ron Stokes (6)Patrick Omameh (65), Tate Forcier (5), Stephen Hopkins (33), and Stephen Schilling (52)Greg Banks (92)Darryl Stonum (22)