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November 30, 2013: Michigan 41 Ohio State 42
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Devin Gardner (98) and Shane Morris (7)Brendan Gibbons (34)Michigan TeamTom Strobel (50), Brady Hoke, and Willie Henry (69)Michigan TeamCameron Gordon (4), Courtney Avery (11), and Taylor Lewan (77)Taylor Lewan (77) and Brady HokeJeremy Gallon (21) and Brady HokeMichigan StadiumMichigan TeamDesmond Morgan (48) and Joe Bolden (35)Desmond Morgan (48), Jake Ryan (47), and Joe Bolden (35)Ben Gedeon (42)Josh Furman (14) and Blake Countess (18)Derrick Green (27) and Joe Reynolds (85)Taylor Lewan (77), Derrick Green (27), Devin Gardner (98), Graham Glasgow (61), and Kyle Kalis (67)Taylor Lewan (77), Devin Gardner (98), Joe Kerridge (36), and Michael Schofield (75)Devin Funchess (87) and Taylor Lewan (77)De'Veon Smith (32) and Jake Butt (88)Taylor Lewan (77) and Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)