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November 22, 2008: Michigan 7, Ohio State 42
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH
Donovan Warren (6), Brandon Harrison (27), and Jonas Mouton (8)Charles Stewart (5) and Obi Ezeh (45)John Thompson (49)Jim Tressel and Rich RodriguezRicky Reyes (37) and Terrance Taylor (67)Nick Sheridan (8), Rich Rodriguez, and David Cone (12)Darryl Stonum (22)Nick Sheridan (8)Michael Shaw (20), Brandon Minor (4), and Perry Dorrestein (79)Brandon Minor (4) and John Ferrara (74)Martavious Odoms (9)Brandon Minor (4) and LaTerryal Savoy (82)Brandon Minor (4)Charles Stewart (5) and Obi Ezeh (45)Greg Mathews (13)Sam McGuffie (2)Kevin Koger (86)Tim Jamison (78/90)Terrance Taylor (67), Mike Martin (68), Obi Ezeh (45), and Donovan Warren (6)Brandon Graham (55)