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November 7, 2009: Michigan 36, Purdue 38
Michigan Stsdium, Ann Arbor, MI
Michael Williams (40)Tate Forcier (5) and Stephen Schilling (52)Tate Forcier (5)Zoltan Mesko (41) and Jason Olesnavage (92)Brandon Graham (55)Zoltan Mesko (41) and Jason Olesnavage (92)David Moosman (60) and Tate Forcier (5)Roy Roundtree (12)Roy Roundtree (12)Jonas Mouton (8)J.B. Fitzgerald (42)Roy Roundtree (12)Brandon Minor (4)Greg Mathews (13)Tate Forcier (5)Jon Conover (83), J.B. Fitzgerald (42), and Jordan Kovacs (32)Kevin Leach (52), Stevie Brown (3), and Brandon Graham (55)Ryan Van Bergen (53)Tate Forcier (5) and Darryl Stonum (22)Jordan Kovacs (32), Stevie Brown (3), and Craig Roh (88)