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November 7, 2015: Michigan 49 Rutgers 16
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Ben Braden (71) and Jehu Chesson (86)Jourdan Lewis (26), Jabrill Peppers (5), and Delano Hill (44)AL Glick and Michigan TeamAmara Darboh (82)Michigan StadiumDesmond Morgan (3), Joe Bolden (35), Taco Charlton (33), and Willie Henry (69)De'Veon Smith (4)Jake Butt (88) and Sione Houma (39)Mason Cole (52) and Drake Johnson (20)Jourdan Lewis (26)De'Veon Smith (4)Jehu Chesson (86)Dymonte Thomas (25) and Jourdan Lewis (26)Drake Johnson (20) and Mason Cole (52)Jake Butt (88), Kyle Kalis (67), and Jake Rudock (15)De'Veon Smith (4)De'Veon Smith (4), Graham Glasgow (61), and Kyle Kalis (67)Michigan StadiumJake Butt (88)Graham Glasgow (61), Graham Glasgow (61), Amara Darboh (82), and Kyle Kalis (67)