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November 19, 2021: Michigan 74 UNLV 61
Roman Main Event, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
Moussa Diabate (14) and Caleb Houstan (22)Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Caleb Houstan (22)Caleb Houstan (22)Juwan HowardFrankie Collins (10) and Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Moussa Diabate (14) and Eli Brooks (55)Caleb Houstan (22) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1)Juwan HowardMoussa Diabate (14)Eli Brooks (55) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Caleb Houstan (22), Terrance Williams II (5), and Hunter Dickinson (1)Terrance Williams II (5), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Caleb Houstan (22)Hunter Dickinson (1) and DeVante' Jones (12)Moussa Diabate (14)Hunter Dickinson (1), Moussa Diabate (14), and Eli Brooks (55)DeVante' Jones (12)Juwan HowardMoussa Diabate (14)