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September 27, 2008: Michigan 27, Wisconsin 25
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Rich RodriguezSteven Threet (10) and Mark Ortmann (71)John Thompson (49)Tim Jamison (90), John Thompson (49), and Terrance Taylor (67)Charles Stewart (5), Marell Evans (9), and Brandon Graham (55)Rich Rodriguez, Tim Jamison (90), and Zoltan Mesko (41)John Thompson (49) and Terrance Taylor (67)Steven Threet (10), Will Johnson (97), Mike Martin (68), and Marell Evans (9)Terrance Taylor (67) and Jonas Mouton (8)Michael PhelpsCharles Stewart (5) and Terrance Taylor (67)Steven Threet (10)John Thompson (49) and Obi Ezeh (45)Steven Threet (10)Steven Threet (10)John Thompson (49)David Moosman (60) and Sam McGuffie (2)Rich Rodriguez and Bret BielemaGreg Mathews (13),Steven Threet (10), and Mark Ortmann (71)Sam McGuffie (2)