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November 11, 2017: Michigan 35 Maryland 10
Maryland Stadium, College Park, MD
Michigan TeamJim Harbaugh and Karan Higdon (22)Jared Wangler (38), Jim Harbaugh, and Chuck Filiaga (66)Ben Bredeson (74), Karan Higdon (22), and Brandon Peters (18)Chase Winovich (15) and Greg MattisonMaryland QuarterbackDavid Long (22) and Chase Winovich (15)Brandon Peters (18)Chris Evans (12)Benjamin St-Juste (25)Devin Bush (10)Josh Uche (35)Zach Gentry (83)Maurice Ways (85), Cesar Ruiz (51), Zach Gentry (83), and Sean McKeon (84)Joe Hewlett (27) and Devin Gil (36)Zach Gentry (83), Ian Bunting (89), and Sean McKeon (84)Zach Gentry (83) and Sean McKeon (84)Ben Bredeson (74) and Karan Higdon (22)Sean McKeon (84), Chris Evans (12), and Zach Gentry (83)Mike McCray (9)