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March 28, 2021: Michigan 76 Florida State 58
NCAA Tournament, Sweet 16, Bankers Life Fieldhouse Indianapolis, IN
Eli Brooks (55) and Mike Smith (12)Hunter Dickinson (1)Brandon Johns Jr. (23), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Franz Wagner (21)Mike Smith (12), Eli Brooks (55), Brandon Johns Jr. (23), Franz Wagner (21), and Hunter Dickinson (1)Mike Smith (12)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15)Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Mike Smith (12) and Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15)Eli Brooks (55)Mike Smith (12)Franz Wagner (21)Mike Smith (12)Austin Davis (51)Austin Davis (51)Hunter Dickinson (1)Brandon Johns Jr. (23), Hunter Dickinson (1), Mike Smith (12), and Eli Brooks (55)Franz Wagner (21) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Jace Howard (25), Zeb Jackson (3), and Terrance Williams II (5)Hunter Dickinson (1), Brandon Johns Jr. (23), and Franz Wagner (21)