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March 17, 2022: 2022 NCAA Tournament, Round 1, Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN, Michigan 75 Colorado State 63
Frankie Collins (10)Hunter Dickinson (1)Juwan HowardEli Brooks (55)Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1)Eli Brooks (55) and Moussa Diabate (14)Moussa Diabate (14)Frankie Collins (10)Eli Brooks (55)Eli Brooks (55) and Moussa Diabate (14)Eli Brooks (55)Brandon Johns Jr. (23) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1)Colorado State Coach Niko MedvedCaleb Houstan (22) and Terrance Williams II (5)Jalen RoseFrankie Collins (10)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Frankie Collins (10)Eli Brooks (55) and Frankie Collins (10)