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December 29, 2008: Michigan 77, North Carolina Central 57
Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
Laval Lucas-Perry (31)Kelvin Grady (44)DeShawn Sims (34)Laval Lucas-Perry (31)Manny Harris (3)Stu Douglass (1)Manny Harris (3)Stu Douglass (1)Manny Harris (3)DeShawn Sims (34)Laval Lucas-Perry (31)Kelvin Grady (44)Jevohn Shepherd (22)Manny Harris (3) and David Merritt (15)Laval Lucas-Perry (31) and Kelvin Grady (44)Laval Lucas-Perry (31)Jerry Dunn and John BeileinZack Novak (0)Manny Harris (3)DeShawn Sims (34)