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February 2, 2014: Michigan 52 Indiana 63
Assembly Hall, Bloomington, IN
Jordan Morgan (52)Caris LeVert (23)Caris LeVert (23) and Spike Albrecht (2)Caris LeVert (23)Zak Irvin (21), Derrick Walton Jr. (10), and Jon Horford (15)Derrick Walton Jr. (10)Glenn Robinson III (1)Glenn Robinson III (1)Jordan Morgan (52)Nik Stauskas (11)Spike Albrecht (2)Jordan Morgan (52)Jordan Morgan (52), Caris LeVert (23), and Derrick Walton Jr. (10)Jon Horford (15) and Zak Irvin (21)Indiana Head Coach Tom CreanCaris LeVert (23)Jordan Morgan (52) and Spike Albrecht (2)Derrick Walton Jr. (10)Glenn Robinson III (1) and Nik Stauskas (11)Caris LeVert (23) and Jordan Morgan (52)