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October 13, 2001: Michigan 20 Purdue 10
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Lloyd Carr, John Navarre (16) and  Kurt Anderson (71)Larry Foote (17) and Jake Frysinger (99)Lloyd CarrJake Frysinger (99)Marlin Jackson (20) and Todd Howard (3)Marlin Jackson (20), Larry Foote (17), and Jake Frysinger (99)Charles Drake (24)Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)Cato June (2)B.J. Askew (35)Jake Frysinger (99)B.J. Askew (35) and Jonathan Goodwin (78)Cato June (2)Cato June (2)Marquise Walker (4)Chris Perry (23)Calvin Bell (27), Hayden Epstein (25), Andy Mignery (14), Spencer Brinton (7), and Erik Campbell