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September 11, 1999: Michigan 37 Rice 3
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Anthony Thomas (32)Tommy Hendricks (41) and Eric Brackins (51)Anthony Thomas (32)James Hall (56) and Josh Williams (91)Tommy Hendricks (41)David Terrell (1)B.J. Askew (35)Drew Henson (7)Tommy Hendricks (41) and Victor Hobson (6)Marcus Knight (85)Marquise Walker (4)Anthony Thomas (32)Cato June (2) and James Whitley (5)Rob Renes (58)James Hall (56) and Josh Williams (91)Rob Renes (58), Josh Williams (91), Dhani Jones(55), Larry Foote (17), and Ian Gold (20)Josh Williams (91)Marquise Walker (4)Marcus Knight (85)Marquise Walker (4), Larry Foote (17), and Julius Curry (26)