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November 22, 2003: Michigan 35 Ohio State 21
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Braylon Edwards (1)Lloyd Carr and Jim TresselPierre Woods (99), Larry Stevens (13) , and Grant Bowman (60)Chris Perry (23) and Tony Pape (77)Chris Perry (23)Former Michigan LettermenSteve Breaston (15), John Navarre (16), Tyler Ecker (89), and Dave Pearson (57)Jeremy Van Alstyne (50), Larry Harrison (96), Larry Stevens (13), and Carl Diggs (43)Norman Heuer (90), Carl Diggs (43), and Lawrence Reid (42)Braylon Edwards (1), Tony Pape (77), and David Baas (75)Braylon Edwards (1)Steve Breaston (15), Adam Stenavich (79), and David Baas (75)Braylon Edwards (1) and Steve Breaston (15)Jason Avant (8)Jeremy LeSueur (21)Braylon Edwards (1)112,118 Michigan FansChris Perry (23)Jason Avant (8)Braylon Edwards (1)