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November 9, 2002: Michigan 41 Minnesota 24
The Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN
Chris Perry (23) and John Navarre (16)Charles Drake (24)Jermaine Gonzales (18)Adam Finley (39)John Navarre (16) and Adam Finley (39)Braylon Edwards (80)Ronald Bellamy (19)Pierre Woods (99)Jon Shaw (22)John Navarre (16) and Adam Finley (39)Bennie Joppru (83)Pierre Woods (99) and The Little Brown JugPierre Woods (99) and Brandon Williams (12)Braylon Edwards (80)B.J. Askew (35)Grant Bowman (60)B.J. Askew (35)John Navarre (16) and Tony Pape (77)Jermaine Gonzales (18)John Navarre (16) and Bennie Joppru (83)