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November 3, 2001: Michigan 24 Michigan State 26
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)Shantee Orr (53)Dan Rumishek (92) and Grant Bowman (60)Marlin Jackson (20)Marlin Jackson (20) and Jon Shaw (22)Hayden Epstein, B.J. Askew, and Norman Heuer (90)Eric Brackins (51) and Norman Heuer (90)Cato June (2)Lloyd CarrHayden Epstein (25) and Larry Stevens (13)Marquise Walker (4)Marlin Jackson (20)Shantee Orr (53)Cato June (2) and Marlin Jackson (20)Marquise Walker (4)Eric Brackins (51)Brandon Williams (12)