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February 5, 2019: Michigan 77 Rutgers 65
Louis Brown Athletic Center, Piscataway, NJ
Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Charles Matthews (1)Jordan Poole (2)Jordan Poole (2)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Zavier Simpson (3)Jordan Poole (2)Charles Matthews (1)Jordan Poole (2)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Jordan Poole (2) and Jon Teske (15)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Charles Matthews (1)Rutgers Head Coach Steve PikiellJohn BeileinIgnas Brazdeikis (13) and Jordan Poole (2)Ignas Brazdeikis (13)Jordan Poole (2)Charles Matthews (1)