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December 4, 2021: Michigan 72 San Diego State 58
Crisler Center, Ann Arbor, MI
Caleb Houstan (22)Frankie Collins (10)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Eli Brooks (55)Caleb Houstan (22)Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Frankie Collins (10)Caleb Houstan (22)Frankie Collins (10)Hunter Dickinson (1)Caleb Houstan (22), Frankie Collins (10), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Eli Brooks (55)Frankie Collins (10)Moussa Diabate (14)Hunter Dickinson (1)Eli Brooks (55)Hunter Dickinson (1)Frankie Collins (10)Hunter Dickinson (1)Eli Brooks (55)Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Hunter Dickinson (1)