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September 28, 2002: Michigan 45 Illinois 28
Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL
Ronald Bellamy (19)Lloyd Carr, Fred Jackson and Erik CampbellCharles Drake (24)Charles Drake (24) and Marlin Jackson (3)Cato June (2)Marlin Jackson (3)Cato June (2)Markus Curry (30) and Marlin Jackson (3)John Navarre (16) and Adam Stenavich (79)Chris Perry (23) and Tony Pape (77)Chris Perry (23) and Tony Pape (77)Troy Nienberg (10) and John Navarre (16)John Navarre (16) and Troy Nienberg (10)Jeremy LeSueur (21), Charles Drake (24), and Pat Massey (94)Bennie Joppru (83)Bennie Joppru (83)Marlin Jackson (3)Braylon Edwards (80)Spencer Brinton (7), Sean Sanderson (44), and Bennie Joppru (83)Phillip Brabbs (34) and Brandon Williams (12)