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September 20, 2003: Michigan 27 Oregon 31
Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR
Jeremy LeSueur (21)Marlin Jackson (3)Brian Thompson (35)Joey Sarantos (59)John Navarre (16) and Courtney Morgan (62)John Navarre (16) and Chris Perry (23)John Navarre (16)John Navarre (16) and Matt Lentz (67)Markus Curry (30)Tim Massaquoi (88) and Chris Perry (23)Larry Stevens (13) and Pierre Woods (99)Jeremy LeSueur (21) and Marlin Jackson (3)Adam Finley (39)Braylon Edwards (1)Braylon Edwards (1)Braylon Edwards (1), Tim Massaquoi (88), and Marlin Jackson (3)Braylon Edwards (1)Markus Curry (30)Chris Perry (23)Chris Perry (23), LaMarr Woodley (56), Courtney Morgan (62), and Willis Barringer (19)