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September 14, 2002: Michigan 23 Notre Dame 25
Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, IN
John Navarre (16) and Matt Lentz (67)Victor Hobson (6) and Norman Heuer (90)Marcus Curry (30) and Charles Drake (24)Adam Finley (39), Jon Shaw (22), and Blake Nasif (38)Dan Rumishek (92)Carl Diggs (43) and Zia Combs (31)Cato June (2)John Navarre (16)Lloyd CarrLarry Stevens (13)Marlin Jackson (3)Carl Diggs (43), Charles Drake (24), and Marlin Jackson (3)Lloyd CarrShantee Orr (53)Braylon Edwards (80)Matt Lentz (67), Marlin Jackson (3), David Baas (75), Jeremy Van Alstyne (50), Markus Curry (30), Andy Christopfel (55), and Joe Denay (73)Jeremy LeSueur (21)Chris Perry (23), Adam Stenavich (79), and Bennie Joppru (83)Chris Perry (23) and Tyrece Butler (9)B.J. Askew (35)