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October 3, 2015: Michigan 28 Maryland 0
Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium, College Park, MD
Jabrill Peppers (5)Jeremy Clark (34) and Dymonte Thomas (25)Drake Johnson (20), Erik Magnuson (78), Mason Cole (52)James Ross (15), Jarrod Wilson (22), and Delano Hill (44)Jim HarbaughJake Rudock (15)Jim Harbaugh and John HarbaughJabrill Peppers (5) and Jim HarbaughBlake O'Neill (12) and Kenny Allen (91)Jake Rudock (15)Graham Glasgow (61) and Jake Rudock (15)Jarrod Wilson (22), Maurice Hurst (73), and Chris Wormley (43)John Harbaugh and Jim HarbaughDrake Johnson (20)Jim Harbaugh and John HarbaughErik Magnuson (78), Jim Harbaugh, and Ian Bunting (89)Jake Rudock (15), Jim Harbaugh, and Kyle Kalis (67)Willie Henry (69)Jake Rudock (15), Sione Houma (39), Jake Butt (88), and Derrick Green (27)Jake Rudock (15)