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January 1, 2002: Michigan 17, Tennessee 45
Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL
Chris Perry (23)BandTodd Howard (3)Chris Perry (23), Lloyd Carr, Fred Jackson, Erik Campbell, John Navarre (16), and Hayden Epstein (25Bill Seymour (81)Grant Bowman (60)B.J. Askew (35)Marlin Jackson (21)Lloyd Carr and Phillip FulmerChris Perry (23)Todd Howard (3), Eric Brackins (51), and Shantee Orr (53)B.J. Askew (35) and Dave Petruziello (76)John Navarre (16)Jeremy LeSueur (21)John Navarre (16) and Demeterius Solomon (74)Eric Brackins (51)Ronald Bellamy (19)Chris Perry (23)Chris Perry (23)Todd Howard (3), Cato June (2) and Charles Drake (24)