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October 25, 2003: Michigan 31 Purdue 3
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Pierre Woods (99) and Scott McClintock (36)Ernest Shazor (25)Pierre Woods (99) and Scott McClintock (36)John Navarre (16) and Chris Perry (23)Braylon Edwards (1)Braylon Edwards (1) and Andy Mignery (14)Steve Breaston (15)Steve Breaston (15)Jon Shaw (22)Larry Stevens (13) and Lawrence Reid (42)Ernest Shazor (25)Ernest Shazor (25)John Navarre (16) and Tim Bracken (41)Jeremy LeSueur (21)Braylon Edwards (1)Jason Avant (8)Chris Perry (23) and John Navarre (16)Steve Breaston (15)Braylon Edwards (1)Steve Breaston (15)