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November 10, 2012: Michigan 38 Northwestern 31 (Overtime - 1)
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Brian Cleary (6) and Denard Robinson (16)Patrick Omameh (65) and Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Patrick Omameh (65), Fitzgerald Toussaint (28), and Ricky Barnum (52)Quinton Washington (76) and Kenny Demens (25)Joe Bolden (35)Patrick Omameh (65), Michael Schofield (75), Devin Funchess (19), and Devin Gardner (12)Justice Hayes (5)Roy Roundtree (21)Northwestern Head Coach Pat FitzgeraldRoy Roundtree (21), Drew Dileo (9), and Devin Funchess (19)Devin Gardner (12)Desmond Morgan (48) and Jibreel Black (55)Vincent Smith (2) and Devin Gardner (12)Jibreel Black (55) and Jake Ryan (47)Jeremy Gallon (10) and Devin Gardner (12)Cameron Gordon (4), Desmond Morgan (48), and Courtney Avery (5)Devin Gardner (12)Devin Gardner (12)Devin Gardner (12)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)