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November 16, 2013: Michigan 27 Northwestern 19 (3 OTs)
Ryan Field, Evanston, IL
Northwestern Head Coach Pat FitzgeraldDevin Gardner (98)Devin Gardner (98)James Ross (15)Jake Ryan (47)Raymon Taylor (6) and Thomas Gordon (30)Devin Gardner (98)Jibreel Black (55)Thomas Gordon (30), Raymon Taylor (6), and Jake Ryan (47)Northwestern Head Coach Pat FitzgeraldBrady Hoke and Greg MattisonNorthwestern Head Coach Pat FitzgeraldBrendan Gibbons (34), Drew Dileo (9), and Joe Bolden (35)Jake Butt (88) and Devin Funchess (87)Brendan Gibbons (34)Devin Gardner (98), Michael Schofield (75), Kyle Bosch (65), and Erik Magnuson (78)Devin Gardner (98)Michael Schofield (75), Taylor Lewan (77), and Drew Dileo (9)Delano Hill (44) and Dennis Norfleet (23)Devin Funchess (87)