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October 27, 2001: Michigan 32 Iowa 26
Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA
Marquise Walker (4)Charles Drake (24) and Todd Howard (3)Ronald Bellamy (19)Charles Drake (24)Larry Foote (17) and Dan Rumishek (92)Todd Howard (3) and DefenseShantee Orr (53)Marquise Walker (4)Bill Seymour (81)Shawn Thompson (84)Shantee Orr (53)Shantee Orr (53)Marquise Walker (4)John Navarre (16), Jonathan Goodwin (78), and Dave Petruziello (76)Larry Foote (17)Marlin Jackson (20)Marquise Walker (4)Marquise Walker (4)John Navarre (16)Shawn Thompson (84)