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October 6, 2012: Michigan 44 Purdue 13
Ross-Ade Stadium, West Lafayette, IN
Raymon Taylor (6), Jordan Kovacs (32), and Craig Roh (88)Raymon Taylor (6)Raymon Taylor (6)Brandin Hawthorne (7)Craig Roh (88), Jake Ryan (47), and William Campbell (73)Denard Robinson (16)Denard Robinson (16), Michael Schofield (75), and Taylor Lewan (77)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28), Denard Robinson (16), and Devin Gardner (12)Jake Ryan (47)Josh Furman (14), Quinton Washington (76), Erik Gunderson (69), Will Hagerup (43), Jareth Glanda (54), and Cameron Gordon (4)Brady HokeDenard Robinson (16)Danny Hope and Brady HokeBrandin Hawthorne (7) and Floyd Simmons (23)Brendan Gibbons (34), Drew Dileo (9), and Taylor Lewan (77)Russell Bellomy (8) and Thomas Rawls (38)Desmond Morgan (44) and Cameron Gordon (4)Sione Houma (39) and James Ross (15)