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August 30, 2003: Michigan 45 Central Michigan 7
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Garrett Rivas (38) and John Navarre (16)Chris Perry (23), Tony Pape (77), and Dave Pearson (57)Braylon Edwards (1)Braylon Edwards (1)Braylon Edwards (1)Jason Avant (8) and David Underwood (5)Chris Perry (23)Jerome Jackson (24)Demeterius Solomon (74), Pierre Woods (99), Matt Lentz (67), and John Navarre (16)Braylon Edwards (1)John Navarre (16)Chris Perry (23)David Underwood (5), Jason Avant (8), and Steve Breaston (15)Jeremy LeSueur (21) and Leon Hall (29)Markus Curry (30)Alex Ofili (93)Chris Perry (23) and David Baas (75)David Underwood (5), Adam Stenavich (79), and Dave Pearson (57)Chris Perry (23)Chris Perry (23)