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October 5, 2013: Michigan 42 Minnesota 13
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
James Ross (15), Desmond Morgan (48), Thomas Gordon (30), and Jibreel Black (55)Lloyd CarrDerrick Green (27), Taylor Lewan (77), and Michael Schofield (75)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28) and Jeremy Jackson (17)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Jarrod Wilson (22), Cameron Gordon (4), Keith Heitzman (92), and Thomas Gordon (30)Jeremy Jackson (17), Michael Schofield (75), Fitzgerald Toussaint (28), and Kyle Kalis (67)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28) and Devin Gardner (98)Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Courtney Avery (11) and Jarrod Wilson (22)Jibreel Black (55) and Desmond Morgan (48)Jarrod Wilson (22) and Desmond Morgan (48)Jarrod Wilson (22) and Courtney Avery (11)Devin Funchess (87)Devin Funchess (87)Devin Gardner (98), Jehu Chesson (86), Taylor Lewan (77), Chris Bryant (58), Jake Butt (88), and Fitzgerald Toussaint (28)Derrick Green (27) and Devin Gardner (98)Devin Gardner (98) and Michael Schofield (75)Devin Funchess (87)Devin Funchess (87)