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October 10, 2003: Michigan 38 Minnesota 35 (Friday Night Game)
The Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN
Chris Perry (23) and Tony Pape (77)Garrett Rivas (38) and Matt Gutierrez (12)Garrett Rivas (38), Matt Gutierrez (12), and Tim Massaquoi (88)Pierre Woods (99), Calvin Bell (27), and Ernest Shazor (25)Jason Avant (8)Chris Perry (23)Pierre Woods (99)Garrett Rivas (38), Ross Mann (52), Matt Gutierrez (12), and Matt Lentz (67)John Navarre (16), Adam Stenavich (79), Dave Pearson (57), and Matt Lentz (67)Andy Mignery (14), Larry Stevens (13), Jermaine Gonzales (18), Lawrence Reid (42), Willis Barringer (19), and Dave Pearson (57)Carl Tabb (17)Marlin Jackson (3)Chris Perry (23), David Baas (75), and Kevin Dudley (32)Chris Perry (23) and Steve Breaston (15)Chris Perry (23) and Steve Breaston (15)Jacob Stewart (28)John Navarre (16) and Adam Stenavich (79)Chris Perry (23)Garrett Rivas (38) and Matt Gutierrez (12)Jason Avant (8)