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March 22, 2021: Michigan 86 LSU 78
NCAA Tournament, Second Round, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
Luke Wilson (32), Brandon Johns Jr. (23), and Franz Wagner (21)Chaundee Brown Jr. (15) and Austin Davis (51)Michigan TeamHunter Dickinson (1)Eli Brooks (55)Franz Wagner (21), Mike Smith (12), and Hunter Dickinson (1)Brandon Johns Jr. (23)Franz Wagner (21)Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1)Franz Wagner (21)Mike Smith (12), Franz Wagner (21), Eli Brooks (55), and Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Mike Smith (12)Eli Brooks (55)Hunter Dickinson (1)Howard Eisley, Hunter Dickinson (1), Jay Smith, and Phil MartelliFranz Wagner (21) and Austin Davis (51)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Mike Smith (12)Juwan Howard and Mike Smith (12)Brandon Johns Jr. (23), Hunter Dickinson (1), and Franz Wagner (21)