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September 21, 2002: Michigan 10 Utah 7
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI
Ernest Shazor (25)B.J. Askew (35)Tim Bracken (41)Fred Jackson, Lloyd Carr, Eric Campbell, Ronald Bellamy (19), and Spencer Brinton (7)Julius Curry (26), Jeremy LeSueur (21), and Marlin Jackson (3)Charles Drake (24) and Marlin Jackson (3)Braylon Edwards (80)Braylon Edwards (80)Victor Hobson (6) and Grant Bowman (60)Julius Curry (26), Jeremy LeSueur (21), and Marlin Jackson (3)Chris Perry (23) and Dave Pearson (57)Marlin Jackson (3)Chris Perry (23)Chris Perry (23)Phillip Brabbs (34)Braylon Edwards (80), Bennie Joppru (83), and Ronald BellamyJulius Curry (26), Jeremy LeSueur (21), and CB Marlin Jackson (3)Phillip Brabbs (34) and John Navarre (16)Lloyd Carr and Kevin DudleyCalvin Bell (27) and John Navarre (16)