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November 16, 2022: Legends Classic, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, Michigan 91 Pittsburgh 60
Dug McDaniel (0) and Michigan TeamTerrance Williams II (5) and Hunter Dickinson (1)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Kobe Bufkin (2)Dug McDaniel (0) and Terrance Williams II (5)Terrance Williams II (5)Dug McDaniel (0)Jaelin Llewellyn (3)Juwan HowardHunter Dickinson (1)Terrance Williams II (5)Kobe Bufkin (2)Joey Baker (15)Kobe Bufkin (2)Kobe Bufkin (2)Jett Howard (13)Dug McDaniel (0)Dug McDaniel (0)Dug McDaniel (0) and Joey Baker (15)Hunter Dickinson (1) and Terrance Williams II (5)Joey Baker (15) and Hunter Dickinson (1)