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March 12, 2010: Michigan 68, Ohio State 69
Big Ten Tournament, Conseco Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, IN
DeShawn Sims (34)DeShawn Sims (34)Manny Harris (3)Manny Harris (3) and Zack Gibson (32)John BeileinZack Novak (0)Manny Harris (3)Manny Harris (3)Laval Lucas-Perry (31)DeShawn Sims (34)Manny Harris (3)Laval Lucas-Perry (31)John BeileinZack Novak (0)Zack Gibson (32)Zack Novak (0)Darius Morris (4)Stu Douglass (1) and Manny Harris (3)Anthony Wright (12) and Darius Morris (4)Stu Douglass (1)